Texas SWAT Team Violently Raided Home Of Innocent Black Family: Lawsuit

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A Texas family is still seeking justice after a SWAT team mistakenly targeted their home in a no-knock raid, according to a lawsuit obtained by the Atlanta Black Star.

Karen Jimerson recently filed a second appeal after her civil lawsuit against Waxahachie, Texas SWAT team troops was thrown out by the Fifth Circuit last month.

During a no-knock raid, police smashed the windows of Jimerson's home, detonated a flashbang, and held her family at gunpoint before realizing they had targeted the wrong residence, according to the lawsuit. Jimerson was ordered to get on the ground face down as she encountered officers while still in the bathroom after showering, per the suit.

An officer then allegedly shouted "Wrong house!” ending the siege.

Despite the alleged mistake, the Fifth Circuit of Appeals dismissed the case on the grounds of qualified immunity, saying the SWAT team's commander couldn't have reasonably known that he needed to ensure he had the correct address before conducting the raid.

Jimerson's attorneys argue that checking to see if an address is correct is a "basic life skill." According to Jimerson's legal team, a suspected stash house was located to the right of where officers assembled before the raid while her house was on the left. Lawyers further allege that the SWAT commander had a copy of the raid warrant with a description of the target house that didn't match Jimerson's residence.

“His mistake was as preventable as it was egregious,” Jimerson’s attorney, Jared McClain, said in a statement.

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