WATCH: White Woman Demands Lease From Black Man, Calls Cops On Him

A white woman was caught on camera trying to call the police on a Black man, who was merely standing outside of his Seattle home, according to The Seattle Times.

The viral video shows an unidentified woman asking for a lease from Dayson Barnes and his white boyfriend in the White Center suburb on August 3.

“If you guys have a lease, I’d just like to see the lease,” the neighbor told Barnes and his partner. She's then recorded calling 911 dispatchers in front of the couple.

The incident began when Barnes and her partner waved at the woman as she was driving through the neighborhood, according to reporters. Barnes says the woman suddenly turned around and pulled up to his house, accusing him of not being a resident at the home.

“I was wearing a hoodie because it’s cold that morning, a black hoodie, and she thought I shouldn’t be there, I was stealing from the house,” he said.

During the video, the boyfriend calls out the woman for racially profiling Barnes.

“Oh my gosh this has nothing to do with race,” she fires back at the boyfriend.

"It was obviously a race thing," Barnes' partner retorts.

Deputies did respond "to reports of a potential residential burglary" in the area, King County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Zoe Birkbeck told the Times.

"Dispatch advised responding deputies that the caller said that it was a misunderstanding however now a verbal disturbance had ensued," Birkbeck said. The cops checked Barnes' ID and left about five minutes later, reporters added. No official report was taken.

Barnes says he and his partner moved to Seattle from Texas, where he was racially profiled for jogging through neighborhoods or simply walking around.

"I didn’t think I’d have to experience this outside of the South," he told reporters.

Read more about the situation on The Seattle Times' website.

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